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Detroit rapper Kash Doll is catching heat after a joke she made about the deadly Coronavirus was not well received by her fans.

Kash posted a picture of four Disney princesses wearing medical masks, except for the Asian Princess, Mulan - and Kash wrote, “Sorry MULAN but we never know” while the picture was captioned: “In the airport like.” The image implies that Asian princess Mulan could be contagious because the deadly virus started in Wuhan, China.

According to CNN, 2,478 new coronavirus cases were identified in mainland China on Monday, bringing the total number of infections there to 42,638. Worldwide, 43,090 people were infected as of Tuesday morning. The SARS-like virus is reportedly moderately infectious and is possibly transmitted through the air. 

Usually, Kash can do no wrong in the eyes of her fans, but this time around, they are holding her feet to the fire.

Check out some of the reactions to her joke on Twitter: