There’s a new celebrity couple on the rap scene, and if things go according to plan BOTH will be household names in a year or so.

Female rap star Kash Doll is dating NY rapper and lyrical ghostwriter Pardi - aka Pardsion Fontaine. Pardi is best known for being Cardi B's ghostwriter and it's his lyrics we've been bopping to on Cardi B's biggest hits, including her breakout record ‘Bodak Yellow’. 

Pardi is also a rapper, who generates millions of views on youtube and listens on various streaming services.

According to multiple online sources, Kash and Pardi have seeing each other for a few weeks now. Last night, receipts of their relationship leaked online. Kash was spotted with Pardi leaving his SOBs shows. Minutes before that, he was serenading her on stage.

Here are the images, which quickly went viral:

Now that Pardi's with Kash Doll, we expect the quality of her music to go up dramatically.

In other Kash Doll news, the female rapper jumped on Instagram Live a few days ago to explain why she unfollowed Nicki Minaj on her social media and it all had to to with one DM. "I unfollowed Nicki two weeks ago because when y'all was dragging me for whatever the f*ck y'all was dragging me for and I told y'all to leave my name out y'all mouth, she came in my DMs talkin' crazy. I unfollowed her ass and told her she was delusional, just like y'all motherf*ckers," she told her fans.