Detroit rapper, Kash Doll is becoming Summer '19 body goals after a recent picture she posted on her Instagram.

Wearing black underwear and seemingly dripping in baby oil, chocolate-skinned Kashdoll let people know that she's been living in the gym.

"Morning motivation! Remember we did dat @iamthekingoffitness we worked out almost everyday for damn near 3months straight!!!!!!! 💎💎," she captioned the post.

"when i get bck home I’m bck on u cause my cuts are not in my tummy no more! I dnt see my chef Instagram anymore but listen.... my team the sh*t!"

Instagram went loco. Here are just a few of the responses to the post:

"Chocolate 🍫 drop"

"Bawdy Lawd 😻"

"Brick house!!!!!"

"Ima need to find the name of that baby oil thoooo😍😍😍"

"God damn i love chocolate milk, but damn you might make me become lactose and intolerant.😂"

"Body goals😍😍😍"

"🍾🍾🍾 What kind of milk you been drinking? Very Nice🎯🎯🎯 @kashdoll"

Back in 2017, Kash talked to XXL about her goals in the rap game:

"I want to be an icon. I want to be a female rapper Beyoncé. I like entertainment. I want people to see me at award shows; I want them to get excited when they see me perform. I used to do choreography when I was in high school. I won trophy and belts for dance. I just really want my impact to be felt and be known as the girl that's from the hood but she’s this megastar that makes all types of music that women can just put on when they feel some type of way. Whether you’re in love, your man cheated on you, you got married, however, I want people to know that Kash Doll got a song for you to listen to and you’re going to ride out."

We think she's well on the way to becoming an icon.