Detroit rapper Kash Doll says that she unfollowed Nicki Minaj after Nicki slid into her DMs, "talking crazy!"

 "I unfollowed Nicki two weeks ago because when y'all was dragging me for whatever the f*ck y'all was dragging me for, and I told y'all to leave my name out y'all mouth, she came in my DMs talkin' crazy. I unfollowed her ass and told her she was delusional, just like y'all motherf*ckers," Kash told her followers on Instagram live. "If you want to be technical, that's exactly what happened."

Kash spilled the tea to shut down rumors that she unfollowed Nicki after recently hanging out with Nicki's rap rival, Cardi B. But according to Kash, she had already hit that "unfollow" button weeks before.

Kash says she does not want beef with the star, who's known for sliding into folks DMs to get her bully on.

"I'm tryna eat. I got people I got to feed. That's the least of my concern. I don't want to beef with nobody. That's why me and Cardi came together to show y'all this is unity … And I'm still gone like Nicki Minaj. But she just came at me sideways, so I mother f*ckin unfollowed her. I'm human. … And I don't be tryna put that sh*t out there to make people look bad. I ain't screenshot it and post it or no sh*t. If I wanted some clout, I could have did that. Leave me the f*ck alone."