Rapper Kash Doll has spread Christmas cheer over the holidays by giving for students from Detroit scholarships to a Phlebotomy School.

Three of the four winners, Smith, Tykeisha Campbell, and Deneshia Reese and Phlebotomy Express’ CEO Kimberly Harrington met with Kash Doll and became emotional at the opportunity given to them by the "Ice Me Out" rapper.

“I have a different connection with the girls here,” said Kash Doll told the Michigan Chronicle. “I was a girl once in Detroit trying to figure it out and I’m in this position now to be able to help others. My heart is always about giving.”

The classes at Phlebotomy Express are four weeks long and tuition is $5,100. As well as their tuition paid for, they will receive uniforms, transportation, workshops, and any other assistance they may need while in school. The phlebotomy classes are one day a week for four weeks and three days a week for six weeks for medical assistance. Once complete, they will not only be able to get a job in the medical field, but have a career.

“A lot of people in Detroit are going through some things and we wanted to remove some of the barriers that were preventing them from advancing in life,” said Harrington, who opened her school three years ago across from her alma mater. “This was a great idea to give them the vocational training that they need to provide for their families. I want to do this every year if we can.”

“I’ve been doing so many things on the low and have not made it public because I feel when you’re giving, that’s not something you stunt with,” said Kash Doll. “That’s something that should be from the heart and now that I’m able to make it public, I’m ready to do more.”