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Detroit rapper Kash Doll has finally dropped her hotly anticipated short film, "Hustla," a cautionary tale about a stripper named Kelly.

“Kelly Chronicles’ is a story based on things I’ve seen in the real world strip club life, although thankfully it’s not my own experience. I wanted to show girls that it’s not all glitz and glamour. Sometimes women sacrifice their peace of mind, dignity and most importantly self-worth," Kash Doll said in the press release.

Kash, who is open about her stripper past, plays the lead of Kelly who decides to walk down a dark path to get her coins up - but it all goes left.

She recently spoke to Billboard about the project, which she wrote and executive produced:

"I’m not glorifying that life. I’m talking about the things that girls had to do, that I’ve seen. And I’ve never seen [those girls] again because of the things that they’ve done. The things that they got paid to do. To this day, I never seen this girl named Mocha because she set a guy up to get robbed, took him home to have sex with him. It’s not what people think. It’s not. You playing with a man like that? He will kill you. I think there’s a big disconnect. That’s why I’m doing the Kelly Chronicles so girls can know. If they do go in there, and it is a stepping stone, the girls will know what do and what not to do."

Watch "Hustla" below.