Detroit rapper Kash Doll has publicly apologized to Lil Kim, after slamming her on social media in the past.

"First of all i met lil Kim lastnight!!!!!! She was sooooooo sweet i had to apologize to her for going on a rant when i was younger!! I was in my feelings about some sh*t someone i was working with told me she said i couldn't go on tour with her lil Kim didn't event [sic] know," she tweeted.

"She was so G about it! Hugged me and embraced me like listen you're too talented for that i love learning sh*t from OGs!! @LilKim thank u for everything! you're truly an icon love," Kash continued.

Lil Kim replied to Kash's post, with words of encouragement:

 "In Life we make mistakes and bad decisions sometimes but it's how that woman fixes it is what defines her I asked at @Kashdoll to fix it publicly so I can support her publicly and she kept her word @kashdoll u r a true queen for that I respect u even more."

This is how grown women work it out!