Actress and social media star Karrueche Tran was thirst trapping on the beach yesterday, and the "accidentally" exposed herself to the paparazzi.

Karrueche, who was last spotted partying the time away at Coachella music festival among the stars, was seen frolicking on the beach with her friends in Miami. Assign as Karrueche realized that she's being watched by the cameras - her behavior immediately changed, and she began thirst trapping.

Karrueche Tran turned up the heat and the paparazzi managed to get pics of her as she's seen sauntering across the white sandy beach with pals on Saturday. 

The sexy star, 30, slid her slim and lean physique into a flimsy bikini which ensured onlookers took notice thanks to its fuchsia color. 

The Claws star raked her fingers through her waist-length crimped tresses while she maintained her stunning looks on the beach.

Karrueche enjoyed a lazy day under the scorching sunshine as she played a gigantic game of Connect Four with her two male companions.


Karrueche is an actress and model. From 2013 to 2016, she starred as Vivian Johnson in the web series The Bay. She currently stars as Virginia Loc on TNT's series Claws.

The actress made a name for herself in the acting industry in 2015 after the breakdown of her four-year romance with Chris Brown.

Despite being the picture of confidence on the beach, she admitted she had to deal with 'self-esteem and self-image issues'.

Karrueche, who is happily dating ESPN NFL analyst Victor Cruz, confessed she always aspired to be 'curvy and thick' but in reality she has always been 'petite'.