Karrueche Caught CREEPING On NFL Boyfriend . . . Offers Up The DRAWERS . . . To Michael B Jordan!!!

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Last week Karrueche and NFL star Victor Cruz looked like the perfect couple. The pair spent the week in Miami having sun ad fun.

But that all looks to have changed now. Karrueche was caught SLIDING into Michael B Jordan's comments - and posted an EXTREMELY THIRSTY post.

Chris Brown's ex must have thought that she was sending him a DM - because it was CRAZY what she said.

So far there have been no public comments from her boyfriend Victor Cruz. Look:


We're confused because Kae and Victor just got back from a beach vacation in Miami where they were smiling and having it up for the cameras. Their "love" was on full display. 

Michael also has been creeping with a WHITE woman lately, by the name of Ashlyn. And now it makes sense why he wasn't willing to claim her. At the recent Black Panther premier Michael was adamant about his single status. "Technically, I'm single," he said. "Dating, but, you know, technically single." This is even though the 30 year old heartthrob star, reportedly spent New Years Eve and Kwanzaa with his rumored new bae, Ashlyn Castro.

Michael must be trying to play the field and keep all his options open. As for Kae, will she and Victor still be an item once he finds out she's been being THIRSTY on the gram? She was at Coachella this past weekend ALONE, in some SKIMPY outfits. Maybe Vic and Kae have an OPEN RELATIONSHIP?