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Karli Redd and Pooh have been at odds for this entire season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. And during the reunion the two ladies will take a lie detector test to determine, whether Karlie did or did not have a threesome with Pooh and her husband.

The two ladies have been feuding - over an alleged threesome that occurred a couple of years back.

According to Pooh, Karlie participated in a threesome with her and husband Hiram Hicks. And during that threesome Karli became ill and pooped all over their bed.

Karlie has denied what Pooh had to say all season.

For several episodes now, Redd denied having sexual history with Pooh after being accused of engaging in a threesome with her and her husband Hiriam Hicks. However, during and episode in early June, Redd’s side of events took a shocking turn and left fans wondering if she was lying all along.

After an episode of Pooh throwing “s–tty” sheets at Redd, the ones she claimed her co-star defecated on during their alleged threesome, the two women decided to try and quash their beef. Redd told her co-star that she needed her to admit that she was lying about their sexcapade, which Poo refused to do.

But during the reunion, there was a moment of truth. Both ladies took a lie detector test to determine who was telling the truth.

And the lie detector test was conclusive - Pooh was telling the truth and Karlie was lying.

One person at the reunion explained, "When they read the results, Karlie got up and ran off the [reunion] set like she was on The Maury Show. Everyone was laughing hysterically."