Kardashian Friend: Megan Beat Up Tory Lanez; Tory Fired 'Warning Shot'!!


For the first time since the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez drama broke out, a person with ties to the Kardashian family is speaking out about the incident, MTO News has learned.


And according to the Kardashian family friend, Megan Thee Stallion was beating up Tory Lanez, and Tory tried to keep Meg off him, by firing a "warning shot" at the taller and heavier Stallion.

Jason Lee, who has known ties to the Kardashian family, explained what he heard happened on his Hollywood Unlocked podcast.


According to Jason, he spoke with Megan's own people - and they admitted that Megan was beating up Tory before the 5 foot 3 inch 130 pound rapper was forced to pull a gun.

Megan outweighs Tory by 50 pounds and is more than half a foot taller than the Canadian rapper.

Jason told his listeners that Tory fired a warning shot at Meg - to keep her off of him. But the shot accidentally hit Megan in the foot.