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KARAOKE CARDI!!! Cardi B Gets Exposed . . . She 'STOLE' Her New Song . . . The Lyrics. . . The Beat And The FLOW!! (Details)


Cardi B is facing the biggest scandal in her career. On Friday, Cardi released a new track entitled Be Careful on Friday. It turns out that she just 'STOLE' another rapper's entire song from a year ago. We put the "stole" in quotations because it appears that Cardi paid him for it. But the song is almost 4 years old - and has already been used by dude.

Her fans are in stitches over it:

"Cardi B’s ghostwriter forgot to delete the video of him rapping “Be Careful” in the studio a year ago off his instagram😂😂lmao. Her own ghostwriter exposes her for not writing her music by accident 😭😭im crying "

"LMAO Cardi B was like she poured her heart out while writing her new single “Be Careful” but then her ghostwriter forgot to delete the evidence of him rapping the exact song a year ago🐸☕️😂😂😂 Fraud!!!"

"So cardi b ghostwriter wrote a song about f*ckin offset and cheatin and sh*t 😂..and wait did yall really think she writes her own music come on now yall fans dumb but not that dumb!"

This is not the first time Cardi has been accused of stealing music. Her track "Bartier Cardi" was said to have been stolen from rapper Tommy Genesis.

This can not be a good look so close to her album release date.

Here's the rapper's song:

Here's Karaoke Cardi's version of the song:

Cardi's former BFF Kehlani even called her out on it: