It Appears That Cardi B COPIED Every Song . . . On Her ENTIRE ALBUM!! (Karaoke Cardi Strikes AGAIN)

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As you probably know by now, Cardi B dropped off her debut album 'Invasion Of Privacy.' The album came out yesterday and already the interwebs are going crazy. They are going crazy because it seems that Cardi B copied nearly every song on her entire album. The first track in entitled "Get Up 10", which appears to be a copy of Meek Mill's "Dreams & Nightmare" intro.

Track 2 is called Drip. According to folks online it is a copy of Drip with Migos and Gucci

Track 9 is called Moneybag. According to folks online it is a copy of Jarren Benton - Money

Track 10 is Bartier Cardii. Some claim that it is a copy of Tommy Genesis

Track 11 - She Bad. Many are claiming that it's a copy off of Meek Mill - The Difference

Track 13 I Do. Some fans are saying that the ghostwriters got Cardi sounding like French Montana and Sza sounding like 070Shake

While we hope this isn't tue, the interwebs are usually on point with their investigative skills. She's on top of the game right now, so this could be quite interesting over the next few months. If you haven't checked out the album, do so immediately and give us your thoughts on the points mentioned above. Keep it locked for much more from Cardi B and more on 'Invasion Of Privacy' coming soon.