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Kanye West's Producer: Record Execs Would Make Fun Of Him Until He Cried!!

A former producer of Kanye West has spoken out about the rapper's early years -- and recalled times where label executives would make fun of him until he cried.

"Even Ye, 'You're not a real artist. No one wants to hear it.' People have heard stories, 'Oh, they didn't want to sign him.' No, it was worse," Devo Springsteen told Bedroom Beethovens. "They would ridicule him. Executives, artists, et cetera, would ridicule this guy until he was crying. I'm telling you. And he would still say, 'I'm going to be the number one artist in the world.'"

Kanye proved everybody wrong.

He continued, "So, that is why, I believe, when you see your friend, someone you care about that says that and no matter what people say they literally still believe it in their bones that this is the case, it helps you believe anything is possible. So, I think that's why if you look at all those people that were around G.O.O.D. Music in those days, whether it's Don C -- Don was like, an assistant road manager. Now, he's probably the number one streetwear designer."