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Kanye West's LONGTIME FRIEND Just Put Him On BLAST . . . Says Kanye Really Is In A 'SUNKEN PLACE' . . . And Yeezy's Life EXACTLY Like The Movie 'GET OUT'!!!!

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Kanye West's lifelong friend, Chicago rapper GLC just put all of Kanye West's BUSINES out in the streets. You gotta hear this. Kanye is in a SUNKEN PLACE real talk.

Here are the CLIFFNOTES:

*Says Kanye is in the sunken place.

*Donda and Ye didn't discuss surgery with him. Says he was against it and the pressure of being in L.A. and somewhat famous got to her.

*Donda was like a second mom to him. His mom passed when he was 12, Donda came in his life at 15.

*He was out of the country when she got the work. He got a call about her death when he returned, says he contemplated doing something stupid, but he took time to heal himself.

*Says Kanye never took time to heal because his career was still skyrocketing + he was dealing with different women and fame.

*Kanye is a sponge. (I take that to mean he is easily influenced and a follower)

*Says Kanye seeks white validation.

*Says after he walked into the pole while arguing with the paps, he told Kanye he can't be mad at the paps if his girl and her mama are the ones tipping them off to his whereabouts and using them to maintain.

*Said its weak of for him to go off on the paps, but not Kim when he knows she sent them.

*GLC tried to tell ^^^ and Ye said he was being negative and didn't want to hear it. Said one of Ye's ballholders chimed in and said Ye was being "strategic". (Even though when listening to the story it don't sound like Ye is in on said strategy

*He cried on the plane ride after that encounter, cause that wasn't the Ye he grew up with.

*All of the coattail pullers (aka No-men) are gone.

*Kendra G says that in Kanye's defense he is a different person from 10-15 years ago because he has a different reality. GLC says people are supposed to change, but choices play a role in where you end up. And Ye's led him to the hospital.

*Says when the foundation (GLC and the others that were around pre-fame) was involved, Ye was saying Bush didn't like black ppl, now he's on stage yelling he woulda voted for Tr#mp.