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Kanye West's Ex-PA: “He NOT A Billionaire . . . BROKE & Can't Pay Staff . . . Eats Ramen Noodles!


Kanye West personal assistant's ex-girlfriend is spilling tea, and she claims that Kanye West is "broke". She claims that Kanye was not able to pay his staff, and that he actually had them eating RAMEN NOODLES.

The ex girlfriend of Kanye's longtime personal assistant went on a podcast to SPILL TEA on what goes on behind the scenes in Kanye Wests empire. And the picture she paints is NOT pretty. A woman named Jazerai is the babys mother to Kanye's RIGHT HAND MAN KnarlyDB. She claims that Kanye is basically broke, and cannot afford to pay staff.

According to Jazerai, Kanye only pays his top assistant $200 a day. And they often had to eat RAMEN NOODLES. And Kanye had some money problems - and had to STOP PAYING his people for 12 weeks.

This is the woman:

And here is Kanye's right hand man:

And here is the podcast - it gets good at around 4:00.

News broke earlier this week that Kanye West believed that his "Yeezy" brand was worth more than $1 BILLION.

Back in 2016, Kanye, who adorns his two-year-old daughter in pastel furs and has boasted in rhyme about running suicide drills on private planes, sent the social-media industrial complex into overdrive this weekend when he bashfully announced on Twitter that he was $53 million in personal debt. The impecuniousness, he noted, was the result of following his dreams in the fashion industry. 

West, who claimed he was “still 53 million dollars in personal debt,” said that people do not give money to “real artists” like him but rather open schools in Africa.

So, there's really no surprise here....