Kanye West's BODYGUARD Is Snitching . . . He Suggests That Kim Kardashian Was FLIRTING WITH HIM . . . And Makes YEEZY . . . Sound Like A CUCKOLD!! (Wow . . . Is Yeezy Into FREAKY ISH??)


A few days ago there were reports that Kanye West allegedly FIRED his bodyguard Steve Stanulis, after Yeezy saw his wife flirting with the bodyguard. Well now the former bodyguard is speaking, and he is dropping BOMBS!! Steve gave an exclusive interview with the NY Daily News, you should go there to read the FULL ARTICLE. But here are some of the highlights: On what happened when he met up with Kim:

She was just naturally speaking to me in a normal manner. I would describe it as her being very gracious and having a nice dialogue. I was surprised she was very nice. She’s the polar opposite with me than he was. Him or his handlers didn’t like what they saw, the body language or what have you. They may have though there was something going on that wasn’t.

And this wasn't the first time that Kanye ALLEGEDLY caught the bodyguard having a perceived INAPPROPRIATE conversation with Kim. In February, Kanye had a run in with the SAME BODYGUARD, during Fashion Week, when West noticed Stanulis chatting with Kim. Kanye reportedly CONFRONTED Steve about what he believed to be an inappropriate conversation. But inexplicably, Kanye asked for Steve BY NAME to be Kim's bodyguard for the Met Gala. Steve explained, "When they first asked me to do this gig again, I turned it down. I figured that since they were requesting me, the rapport with Kanye would be better.” Of course it wasn't. Stanulis claims that Kanye FIRED HIM after catching him and Kim talking. But why would Kanye RE-HIRE a man who he thought was flirting with Kim? Please don't tell us that Yeezy is on some type of CUCKOLD ISH!