Kanye West TRULY Is In A Sunken Place . . . Claims He 'LOVES' Donald Trump . . . Thinks Blacks 'COMPLAIN TOO MUCH'!!

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Kanye West spoke out about his TRUE feelings, regarding Black people, Black protests, and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

It all came out in a conversation with Hot 97 Morning Show host Ebro from Ebro In The Morning. The conversation lasted about 30 minutes, here is a summary

Kanye wants to "deprogram people". To have people think differently.

Candace Owens, the hateful FOX News contributor - she's challenging conventional Black thought, with her claim that Black people need to "stop complaining."

No one showed love for him when he was addicted to opiods when he was in the hospital

And well his views are VERY Conservative and Republican.

I love Donald Trump.

Here is the video: