Kanye West tried to emulate Jesus recently, by riding a horse to his church service on Sunday. The animal, however, was not with all that - and threw Kanye off his back and onto his butt.

Kanye arrived at the service on the horse, styled in an all-white cassock and sat on a piece of white cloth placed on the back of the horse. But from the very beginning, the horse seemed uncomfortable with having the crazed Trump-supporting rapper on his back. The animal took some tentative steps into the packed building but when he had, had enough - he threw the rapper off him right in the middle of the church.

Luckily Kanye was not injured. At least physically he wasn't. But... we're pretty sure his pride was . . . 

Not surprisingly, the internet has been having a field day roasting Kim Kardashian's husband over the hilarious fall. The video is embarrassing and funny at the same time and it’s trending on the internet with trolls giving out funny captions just for laughs.

Kanye is bent on capitalizing on Christianity to cash in huge just like the many self-acclaimed prophets out there. He is likely to double his net worth of $240 million in the next few months.