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Kanye West To Nick Cannon: I'm Not Crazy

In the second part of rapper Kanye West sit down with Nick Cannon, he clarifies that he is not crazy and has value.

"So I'm thinking people call me crazy so I'm going to show them, I'm gonna even show my big bro I'm not crazy," Kanye on the Cannon's Class podcast. "I'm going to show Jay-Z, I' ma, you know, I'm gonna show him that, you know, that my value, that you could be diagnosed and people could point fingers at you, and you could still be a citizen and you could still have value."

He went on to say: "I cried for my daughter, and they said 'he's crazy again.' "Let me tell you, it's like, forget value and money in that way because I thought that if I would become a billionaire, that it could help me beat the stigma. It's funny cause I got friends that soon as someone says, 'Oh, Ye ain't take his meds,' they be like, 'You need to take your meds!" and they could shun me and it's literally like how people would treat black people a hundred years ago."