Kanye West Throws SUBLIMINAL DISS . . . On Jay Z And Beyonce!! ('Democrat Slaves')

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Kanye West stunned his fans yesterday when he gave a shout out to a SELF HATING Black FOX NEWS correspondent named Candace Owens.

Candace is paid to say RACIST things against Black people - on Republican areans like FOX NEWS. She's made THOUSANDS pushing racist ideology throughout the country. According to reports Candace also is:

a frequent guest on Fox News and InfoWars — launched a website and YouTube channel in 2017 called Red Pill Black, which promotes black conservatism. She has hailed President Trump as not “just the leader of the free world, but the savior of it as well,” and has been known to blast Black Lives Matter.

But yesterday Kanye West said that he "liked the way she thinks" on Twitter.

Well what part of Candace's racial hatred messaging did Kanye like? Well according to reports, he was specifically talking about the below Tweet that she put out:

Kanye made his triumphant returned to Twitter last Friday—April 13—after being off the social network for nearly one year hiatus, and since then the rapper and fashion mogul has been tweeting like crazy! In fact he's sent out nearly ten tweets a day, sometimes more. Kanye is dishing out philosophical advice about the struggle for authenticity alongside his own shameless self-promotion of his upcoming albums and fashion projects.

His most retweeted tweet so far, has more than 245,000 retweets and 514,000 likes, was when he revealed a date for an album drop — June 8 with rapper and friend Kid Cudi.