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President Donald Trump has taken credit for freeing ASAP Rocky from Swedish jail, but according to Kanye West, he was the one who got Trump involved.

West told the publication that he already had the flight ready to go, but after speaking with Trump, Trump took over.

Here's what the WSJ is reporting:

"In mid-July, West chartered a plane to Sweden, planning to jet in and free the musical artist A$AP Rocky, who had been detained on assault charges earlier that month. Warned that the Swedes wouldn't welcome the gesture, he canceled the plane and—from his swimming pool in Calabasas—called Jared Kushner at the White House. Donald Trump called less than an hour later, after West had climbed out of the pool and was eating breakfast."

Rocky was freed, but according to the Swedish Prime Minister, his meddling made no difference to the rapper's outcome. Despite this, Trump says that he is the reason that Rocky was returned home.