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Kanye West has said that he feels that Christians are unfairly judged in a recent interview.

Kanye sat down with Vogue, where he opened up about his spiritual journey.

"I thought I had it all figured out," he told Vogue. "[God has changed] everything, my ego ... God put it all together. I'll tell you what, when I don't apply grace, I don't get the results I'm looking for. Everything must be done with grace. That's one of the things I pray for—and I need to pray for more."

He continued: "A lot of times, people try to point out the flaws of people who are Christian. But always remember, Christians are not Christ," he said. "We fall short. We all fall short of the glory ... It's like, there's a lot of people with 23 on their backs, but there's only one [Michael] Jordan. You can't really compare most people with 23 on their backs to Jordan at all."

Many were shocked when Ye gave his life completely to God, although he has always made reference to his faith in his music from the very beginning.

Some have accused the rapper of using Christianity as a money grab, but Ye seems to be continuing his walk with God.

Will it last?