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Kanye West will not be performing at this year's Coachella performance, because his stage demands have not been accommodated.

According to TMZ, Kanye did not want a traditional 60x40 foot stage because it was "artistically limiting." Producers of the festival, Goldenvoice, will not alter the stage or remove it just for Kanye. Coachella has an awful lot of performers who hit the stage, so they have more than Kanye to just think about.

And let's be honest, if Jay Z and Beyonce can make it work, Kanye should work with what he has. Coachella will not come to a halt if Mr. West does not perform. Fans always have a great time at the festival, which always pulls in a slew of celebrities.

A source told TMZ: 

"These 40x60 stages are so archaic. It's the same type of stage on which Shakespeare's works were performed hundreds of years ago." 

Kanye and his MAGA will have to find somewhere else to perform.