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Kanye West Has Officially MORPHED Into A Kardashian . . He Got THICK THIGHS . . . TIGHT JEANS . . . And HIGH HEELS . . . Just Like The REST OF THEM!!!

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The transformation from Chicago rapper Kanye West to Hollywood transgender Kanye Kardashian is almost complete. Look at what Kanye was looking like yesterday.

That don't make no dang sense . . . Kayne, who just celebrated his 39th birthday, was traveling with his stylist -- we mean wife -- Kim Kardashian in LAX. They were about to hop a plane to Paris.

He's also just dropped a new single. You Can Now Officially Stream Kanye West's Posse Cut "Champions", a who's who of rappers including Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Quavo, Desiigner, Travis Scott and Yo Gotti. And just in case you haven't heard, his next album is gonna be called Cruel Winter.