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Kanye West & Nick Cannon Respond To Stephanie Mills' 'Paid Slaves' Remarks

Several weeks back, Stephanie Mills blasted both Kanye West and Nick Cannon, calling them "paid slaves" -- and they have both responded.

"They've called both of us coons," Cannon told West during a teaser of an upcoming podcast. "They've called us crazy. They called us all of these names. Like I saw somebody I love dearly, Stephanie Mills, said that you and I are paid slaves playing with our toys and we need to take our toys and go back home."

West denied working with Republicans on his campaign and that he is working with Trump against the Democrats. Ye says he's richer than the president.

"My last name's a slave name," he said. "Where at home exactly, Stephanie? People keep on saying, 'I think that you and Republicans are in cahoots.' Bro, can't nobody pay me! I got more money than Trump!"

He denial comes even after known GOP members were seen submitting paperwork on his behalf.