Kanye West Leaves Kim Kardashian Alone & Takes Kids After 'Getting On Her Nerves' During Quarantine

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Kanye West reportedly took the kids and left Kim Kardashian alone to have time to herself -- after getting on the reality television star's nerves.

A source spoke with Hollywood Life, who confirmed the news.

"Kim really needed a break and some alone time so Kanye took the kids away to give her one," a source told the outlet. "She loves the kids so much, but like any mom, she just needed time to herself. She needed a break from the kids and the screaming. She needed peace and quiet and alone time for herself personally, but also because she needed to focus on her law studies and business meetings and decisions which included SKIMS."

According to the source, it was Ye who offered to leave.

"It was Kanye's idea to go. She had work to do and felt she needed peace and quiet so Kanye took them. Despite reports, there are no issues in their marriage. They're solid. They're totally fine and doing great as a couple. It frustrates them to see otherwise. Just like any mom, Kim too needs time for herself."