There have been whispers for some time of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's rumored troubles in their relationship, but according to one publication, the couple has sought out the assistance of a "sex doctor" to save their union.

"They tried counseling a couple of years ago, and it essentially saved their marriage," an insider told Radar. "They're hoping lightning can strike twice."

The tensions between them have been talked about here and there, and Kim has admitted that Kanye's transition to the Christian world has been difficult for her to live with at times, but so far, she has done an excellent job of supporting her husband.

"They have therapy sessions at least once a week where they each vent about their frustrations to an expert, who gives tips about how to open up and communicate better," the insider said. "The therapist is giving them suggestions to put the sizzle back in their sex life," the source said.

Think it'll pay off?