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Kanye West was spotted out yesterday, and the rapper has clearly gained a massive amount of weight.

Kanye admitted to having an issue with his weight last year. At the time, he disclosed that he had undergone multiple liposuction surgeries.

Well now the rapper has gained even more weight. So much so that even LIPO may not be able to get him back to a healthy size.

And Twitter is going hard on Kanye. Here are some comments about him:

Kanye looks like Sherman Klump from The Nutty Professor

Is he wearing a fat suit

Yeezy got bigger t*ttys than his wife.

Kim Kardashian is always ready for the camera. Kanye on the other hand

now he's even built like Uncle Ruckus. Transformation Complete

Notorious YE!!! Son looks like he works for waste management!

Here are the pics of the new big body Kanye and his wife Kim:


In other Kanye news, the rapper is so eager to spread the word of God to all of his fans that he is in the process of creating a reality show based on his celebrity-filled Sunday services, can exclusively reveal.

“Kanye is legit trying to sell a show that is based on his Sunday sermons and he is trying to get Kim’s mother Kris on board to help launch it,” a source close to Kanye, 42, said.

“He wants the show to air on Sunday’s right before Keeping Up With the Kardashians and he’s been telling people that this has been his goal ever since he came up with the idea for Sunday services.”