Kanye West was boo'd yesterday, as he spoke at Howard University, a historically Black University. The controversial rapper made a "joke" about Black people and slavery, that many felt was insensitive.

Kanye has been making insensitive comments about Black people and slavery for years. He went viral in 2018, when he told TMZ that he believed that Black people "chose" to be enslaved by Europeans.

According to Kanye, if Black people didn't "want" to be enslaved, it wouldn't have lasted 400 years. While the maltreatment of Blacks in America lasted for hundreds of  years (and still today), legalized slavery in the United Stated lasted about 200 years. That’s the same amount of time that jews were enslaved in Egypt.

Kanye's back to his f*ckery again. Now he's doubling down on his anti-Black rhetoric. While giving a talk at Howard homecoming Kanye told the predominantly Black audience:

Next time the slave nets come out, lets all try and not stand in one place 

The crowd immediately went silent, and then dozens of fans started booing the rapper. Watch:

Others were also not impressed by the performance.

Greg Carr, an associate professor at Howard's Department of Afro-American Studies, asked his followers to send Kanye to the library after the performance.

"I have some books for him," he wrote, followed by the hashtag #TheMiseducationOfTheNegro.

Another professor at the school, Keneshia Grant, also tweeted her opinion about the performance.

"This Kayne [sic] church thing makes me uncomfortable. There, I said it," she wrote.

Writer Frederick Joseph also criticized the school's embrace of West.

"Can't blame Kanye anymore, he's shown us who he is. Black people need to stop making space for his anti-Blackness," he wrote.