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Kanye West Blasts Forbes: They Are Some Of My Favorite White Supremacists!!

Kanye West trashed Forbes magazine during his recent interview with Nick Cannon -- calling them his "favorite white supremacists."

"Even Forbes exposed themselves," Kanye said. "I like, love -- man, Forbes is some of my favorite White supremacists, man. They cold, bro. My most favorite White supremacists is Forbes, because I just gotta respect their gangster. They don't live in 2020. They act like it's 1800s still. Read the Forbes. It's crazy racist. Everytime they write stuff."

He continued, "Bloomberg was coming and they had an accurate net worth of $3.3 billion and Forbes purposely landed an article to dispute that and said, 'Well, the way we counted is $1.3 and they dropped it at 5:05 or something right at the end of the week," he said. "So, that would go into the weekend and that would be the story. It was confusion. They can just cause confusion." 

Last week, Forbes caught heat over this seemingly racist headline.