Kanye West Accused Of Election Fraud?!


Kanye West's name will be taken off the ballot in his home state of Illinois, according to a recent report.

It is being reported that more than half of the signatures West's team submitted were deemed to be invalid.

A recent review of the legitimacy of Kanye's petition to be on the ballot revealed a shocking 1,928 signatures out of the 3,128 were signaled as invalid. To have his name officially added to the ballot, he would need at least 2,500.

West's name will now be removed from the ballot come August 21, according to White House correspondent and CNN political analyst, April Ryan. He could now be facing an election-fraud investigation as well. The news comes just a week after it was revealed that Ye had been working with GOP members on his campaign.

Last week Trump denied any involvement.

"I like Kanye very much," Trump said at the White House on Wednesday. "I have nothing to do with him being on the ballot. I'm not involved."