KANYE THE CUCK???? Kanye West APPROVED Of The Game's New Song . . . Where He BRAGGED About Having Relations . . . With KIM KARDASHIAN AND HER SISTERS!!!


Kanye West has a very STRANGE sense of friendship. Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com reported that The Game released a new song, where he bragged about SLEEPING with three Kardashian sisters - believed to be Khloe, Kim and Kourtney.

Well according to TMZ, Kanye West approved of the track (and the libe), before The Game released it. Here is what TMZ was told by the Kardashians:

The sources acknowledge Kim dated The Game back in the day ... so that one's on the table for discussion, but that's it.

Khloe and Game have been pals for years, but the Kardashian sources are adamant ... strictly platonic.

That said, there's an interesting nugget. Game reached out to Kanye to get his blessing for the song, and Kanye said he didn't have a dog in the fight. Interesting ... Game didn't call Kim.

Wow, Kanye approved him basically rapping about SMUTTING OUT the whole family? Why would he do that? UNLESS . . .