Kandi recently uploaded a picture of her son, Ace to social media, showing off her son's reading and comprehension skills.

In the video, her husband Todd holds up a piece of paper with the word "PUT" spelled out. Todd holds the card up and asks Ace to read out the word, which he does. Todd then asks him to use it in a sentence, and he does so accurately.

Kandi and Todd's advanced parenting skills have been on display before. Kandi began potty training Ace from a very young age and even faced some backlash on social media for it, but her methods appear to be working.

This week she has been under fire from Nene for her response to Nene stripper story in the last episode of RHOA. She doesn't seem to be paying much attention to Nenen but she did have some softer words for Porsha's fiance, Dennis McKinley in her own Bravo blog.

"Dennis surprised me. He was really nice. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since I shared info with the girls about other people that he dated. He was so friendly that it kind of made me feel bad for telling his business," she wrote.