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Kandi Burruss was brutally honest in her feedback about Eva Marcille's dirty talk.

On Sunday's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies played truth or dare during their bus ride to their girl's trip venue.

Eva was dared to call up her husband and talk dirty to him, and Kandi was not impressed - at all!

"That was the worst dirty talk ever. I’m hoping that it’s just because she doesn’t want us to hear her talk dirty and not because she’s that horrible at it," she wrote in her blog.

Judging from the looks on the other women's faces, they all agreed with Kandi. Can somebody say "crickets?'

Kandi is also giving Eva then benefit of the doubt when it comes to shading newcomer, Shamari Devoe. Eva has made several catty comments towards Shamari but then has denied any shade when confronted by the girls.

"I was wondering if she actually did not remember being shady to Shamari or if she was just acting like she didn’t remember," wrote Kandi.