Kandi Burress From Atl Housewives REMOVES HER WEAVE - Shows 'REAL' Hair!!

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Kandi Burress from the Atlanta Housewives decided to remove her weave - and go with only her "God given" hair - at least for the next five days. According to Kandi, she's been wearing weaves for years - so she wants to give her hair some "rest."

So the Atlanta housewife decided to let her "natural" hair out. Kandi does not use any chemical relaxer on her hair. She did, however, use hear to straighten out her locks.

So far, people on social media seem to LIKE Kandi's natural hair. She was actually going viral for a while this morning.


Someone told her that ‘You look younger,’ and another follower said ‘Love it, love it more than the wigs you look so natural yet gorgeous. ’

One commenter told her that ‘This is where Ace gets that beautiful curly thick hair from ’

One of Kandi’s followers said that ‘it’s called “CONVENIENCE”!!! As busy as she is weaves and wigs are much easier to manage, and it’s less wear on the natural hair. Besides most of them are already styled and ready to go. Just slap it on and keep it moving!!! @kandi do the damn thing girl.’

Another one of her fans gushed over Kandi’s natural look and wrote ‘Beautiful! I hate the world that makes you feel like wigs and weaves make you more beautiful than you already are. Fake hair is not cute.’

Some fans also say that Tamar Braxton might have inspired her to drop her wigs.