Kan-GREY!! Kanye West's Hair Is GREYING Quickly!!

Kanye West's hair is now half grey
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Kanye West's hair is greying, more quickly that expected. The 41 year old rapper/fashion mogul was spotted out in Calabassas - and his head was covered with grey hairs.

Just last year, Kanye's hair was completely black. But Yeezy has had a difficult year, filled with stress - so we shouldn't be surprised.

Ye's stress came from three places - for the most part. First the rapper had multiple "beefs," most notably with hip hop superstar Drake. Drake and Yeezy fell out after Drake claimed that Kanye told arch-enemy Pusha T about his secret baby, Adonis. 

Kanye has since denied Drake's allegation - but his relationship with Drake has been strained.

Next, Kanye has been severely criticized over he past year for his political ideologies, and his ties to Donald Trump. Many in the African American community blasted Yeezy for taking up, what they felt were anti-Black positions.

Again, Kanye denied that he supports White supremacists, but the criticism has caused Yeezy to suffer public ridicule.

But the most difficult part of the year, was Kanye's mental health struggles. Yeezy has stopped taking his medication, and is struggling to keep himself together as he continues to build his creative empire.

Here are new pics of him: