Kamala Harris' Birth Certificate Says She's NOT Black! (Exclusive Evidence)


Kamala Harris is hoping to be the first Black female Vice President. But according to her birth certificate, Kamala isn't "Black." MTO News obtained a copy of Kamala's birth certificate, and it surprised us.

On all birth certificates in the United States, the "race" of the child's parents is recorded. In Kamala's case, her mother - who is Indian - recorded her race as "Caucasian." And her father, who is a Black man from Jamaica recorded his race as "Jamaican" instead of Black.

In the 1960s it was common for Black and Brown people to hide or deny their race, in order to avoid racial mistreatment.


In case you're wondering, here are pics of her parents:


Kamala has been coming under attack, by many in the African American community who think she's not "Black." 

To have her Blackness questioned in this way sounds strange, given that Kamala graduated from the historically Black Howard University, was born in Oakland, California — the hometown of the Black Panther Party — and has likely been viewed as Black by a majority white society her entire life.

But with this MTO News revelation, this finding could embolden her critics. Well, we'll all have to see how this plays out . . . .