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Kamala Harris Got 'Nosejob'; Accused Of 'Removing' Black Nose (Before Pics)

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is coming under fire after high school pics of her were leaked, which some say show that Kamala had a nose job. MTO News obtained the photos of Kamala from high school, and her nose definitely look different.

Here's what Kamala looks like now:


And here's a pic of her from high school. You can see that her nose was a lot wider, and more phenotypically Black

Credit: SPLASH

Credit: SPLASH

While it's not clear whether Kamala got a nose job, her nose definitely looks different now - it's both slimmer and more phenotypically Caucasian.

Many on social media are suggesting that the vice presidential candidate got her nose adjusted as a way to remove one of her most prominent phenotypically Black features.

Kamala has struggled to gain support, from many in the Black community, who see her as "faking" her blackness. But Kamala is Black, and she attended a Historically Black College (Howard). But for many voters, that's not enough.