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Kamala Harris was caught red handed, trying to DIVERT donations meant for Stacey Abrams - into HER election account.

Stacy Abrams is fighting to stop the Georgia governorship from being stolen from her, and she's asking for support from her followers. Brian Kemp is doing everything in his power to stop the vote counting in the election - and Stacey needs =money to pay for lawyers to fight him.

And while she's fighting for the people, her "friends" in the Democratic Party - namely Kamala Harris - are stealing her donations.

Kamala Harris, a California senator running for President, sent out a tweet asking people to donate to Stacy Abrams, to help her fight to get the Georgia governors election to a runoff:


Seems like she's being supportive, right? Kamala’s trying to raise money for a candidate whose election is being stolen in front of our very eyes. That's a good thing, right?

Wrong. Read the fine print on the link that Harris shared.

“NOTE: Your contribution will be divided evenly between Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris. Click here to allocate amounts differently.”



Stacey set up her OWN ActBlue account, where all that money goes to her fight against Brian Kemp’s authoritarianism. But Kamala didn't Tweet out Stacey's link - instead she tweeted the one where she got HALF the money. 

Clearly Kamala is hoping to use the widespread passion about this race to make money for herself. Many are calling her out on this.