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R&B singer K Michelle has been undergoing a series of operations on her body, designed to "reverse" a previous butt augmentation.

But it appears that while K Michelle was under the knife getting her previously botched surgery reversed - she got a few updates on her body.

In 2012, K Michelle told People that she once believed altering her figure would boost her career. She'd heard about a man in Atlanta, who offered to inject her butt and hips with silicone.

"He wasn’t a doctor — it was black market, it was these 'hydrogel' injections — that's what they were being called," she told People. "When I found out my favorite rapper did it, that's when I decided, 'I'm getting it done.'"

For five years the injections posed no problems. But in 2017 K Michelle began to experience fatigue, migraines, and back and leg pain. Later, doctors found that the silicone had spread down her legs, "damaging her tissue and threatening her overall health," People reported.

Over the course of the past several years K Michelle has had several surgeries to remove the foreign matter from her body.

And the beautiful Love & Hip Hop star unveiled her new and improved body on Instagram yesterday.

And as soon as the pic went live, K Michelle's fans immediately noticed that her nose looked different also.

Here's whats he looks like now:

And here's what her nose looked like before:


R&B songstress K Michelle, formerly of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, now stars on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Unfortunately for fans, she was not able to appear on the heavily anticipated reunion show. According to sources, K Michelle scheduled one of her "reversal" surgeries at the same time of the reunion taping.