R&B singer K Michelle has undergone nearly seven operations to remove silicone from her butt, now she's ready to show off the final results.

The reality star and R&B singer has been been talking openly for months, about reversing silicone butt treatments she got when she was younger.

According to K Michelle, her implants brought her "health issues."

This year, K Michelle underwent a series of operations to remove all the silicone that was injected into her butt over the years. And it now appears to have been a success.

K Michelle took to social media, and dropped her pants, to show fans her new and improved shape.

Most of her fans seemed to approve of the singer's new shape...saying:

“Cmon lil debbies”

“Natural is 100% better”

“You look great queen”

“Yeah you still bae”

“Still got cakes back there”


But others were a little more critical:

“You too old for this”

“I dont think anyone cares anymore baby girl! Just sing!!”

“Its sagging tho”

“Delete this sis”


Other fans simply, didn’t even believe that her butt is all natural.

“Thats no where near natural”

“We don't trust you, last time you said it was real too, you cannot be trusted you a liar”