K. MICHELLE Is Spilling Tea . . . Claims Nicki Minaj Tried To 'DESTROY' Her Career . . . Cause She Suspected . . . . K. Michelle Was 'F*CKING' Meek!!!


K. Michelle spilled some tea on how Nicki was worried that K. Michelle had RELATIONS with Meek, so she BLOCKED one of her songs. Read what she said on Twitter:

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K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 43m43 minutes ago
So. I was listening to anybody wanna buy a heart in my new home real sex in the city like and I realized how hard I worked on that album

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 40m40 minutes ago
That was my life my heart my emotions. And I remember 1day getting a called I never thought I would get.

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 40m40 minutes ago
I was told that a song from my album was being takin from me because the rapper that gave it to me girlfriend thought I was fucking him

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 38m38 minutes ago
I felt kinda destroyed. This is a woman I publicly praised. I was so happy 4her. I was like why is this woman trying to block me over penis

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 34m34 minutes ago
It was the title track of my album,I was told 2not say anything out of fear of politics.I just sat back&listened,& said watch god handle it

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 31m31 minutes ago
God did more than handle the situation. I've just sat back and healed up. Watched karma. I'm not perfect but i'm not evil or insecure

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 30m30 minutes ago
I couldn't believe it. I was like your you and i'm little ole me and you are making phone calls and demanding I be stopped, from making it

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 28m28 minutes ago
I've learned a lot in the business but that was the 1st time when I saw that the people highest up truly have the lowest self esteem.

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 26m26 minutes ago
My whole outlook on life changed.We R all the same!We get hurt,we R sometimes insecure,&we all wanna win, but some by any means necessary

K. Michelle‏Verified account @kmichelle 22m22 minutes ago
Always be you. Always be true. An wear your truth like a badge of honor. I learned a big lesson is business there is no love in hip hop/R&B