K. Michelle Speaks On Tamar Braxton's Reality Show 'Get Ya Life'

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K. Michelle offered up a few words of support to Tamar Braxton after watching an episode of her new show, Get Ya Life.

"Let me tell y'all something. So I watched Tamar's show that Mona [Scott-Young] produced, and I would like to be so ignorant and angry about it but watching her story… It literally... I sat on my couch and cried because I can relate," K. Michelle told her viewers.

"Pisces are a little bit different ya know? I can't even be angry, be mad, try to fight nobody, talk some stupid sh*t. I can only relate. I can only relate. Because just how she felt, is how I felt You know?"

Rumors swirled about David Adefeso's controlling behavior during the show's filming long before he accused her of assaulting him. Adefeso has denied the allegations, but it seems that K. Michelle sympathizes with Tamar after what she witnessed.