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K. Michelle posted a picture to Instagram showing the scars from the surgeries to remove her butt implants.

Wearing a bright red-orange bodysuit, she wrote:

"6 surgeries in 3 months and that Ass is still undefeated. I told my story to help you women. I can walk now and twerk on a sausage. Still have 1 more surgery left to make it perfect, but I look f*ckin good and i’m going to show it off ALL THE TIME. I earned that! Tuh. Don’t like unfollow! Hits the blunt immediately 💨💆🏾‍♀️y’all be making my nerves bad sometimes."

K. Michelle had the implants removed for health conditions. But according to this post, her health is much better. The scars are very faint but still visible - not that she cares.

Are you here for K. Michelle's smaller booty?