K. Michelle has finally broken her silence over Uncle Murda's brutal "Rap Up 2019," where he accused her of not being able to keep a man because her lady parts stink.

The r&b singer headed to the Trick & Trina Morning Show, where she dismissed the New York rapper's efforts to shame her.

"He's never met me one day. Never met. Never been in the same room. Nothing. Some stuff's just not gangsta. I don't entertain it. It's like, he'll do it every year, whatever kick he gets off of it or whatever, but I know for a fact what it is. He never met me," says K. Michelle.

"Just pickin' on a black woman for no reason who you don't know anything about just so you can get clicks and you've said it before and then say, 'I'll sleep with her though.' Like, that type of thing, that's clown sh*t to me. So Imma let you continue to be a clown, and I'm just a woman out here making a lotta money."

K. Michelle also took a dig at Murda, saying that he's a rapper who's still "waiting on a record deal."

Uncle Murda fired off at K. Michelle after she posted on social media that she is looking forward to the release of Tekashi 6ix9ine.