K Michelle REMOVED Her Butt Augmentation . . . Now Look At her 'REAL' Butt!!

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The surgical procedures are complete and K Michelle has removed ALL her butt and hip implants. The surgical procedures were grueling and ptentially life threatening - but K Michelle got through it.

K Michelle spoke out openly about getting ILLEGAL BUTT SURGERY because she wanted to "make it" in the music business. The implants HELPED her career - but they were bad for her health.

Last year, K Michelle started complaining about health issues and decided to go "all natural." After a series of almost a dozen surgeries, she now claims that sall the foreign matter has been removed from her butt and hips.

Here's what she used to look like:


And this is her now. Much better:


In an Instagram post K. Michelle let fans know that she has fully recovered and that she's ready to "act the f*ck up."

She's posted her de-modification journey on Instagram, depicting scary surgeries and the aftermath of it all. 

According to VH1, "She addressed that she's been sick for two years, undergoing multiple surgeries in the last two months to get back to normal. She relays that despite her accessibility to good doctors, the process was still very taxing. She plans on doing "WTF I want," from here on out, living her life to the fullest."

Thank You God for I learned my lesson, and hopefully helped some women along the way. Almost 2 years of being sick and not 4 surgeries and 2 months later, i’m ready for Kimberly.

Our congrats go out to K Michelle, her body still looks AMAZING without the extra enhancements. You go girl!