K. Michelle made a bold statement online this week where she claimed that modern day r&b has no soul.

"Up early listening to new R&B artist and this is the best way to fall asleep, this shit has no soul and it boring. It plays like one big lullaby. I’m so confused by it," she said in the first tweet.

She then told her fans that she was not speaking about a specific artist, but the music in general.

"There are some really good singles I hear though, but the albums lack hard work and more like the less the better im guessing. I guess," she continued.

"But it’s some really really good overall music out. Not claiming the music messiah just up early speaking on the business that pays me," she went on. "I grew up to Mary J making you believe you not gone cry. I felt her pain in every way. That’s soulllllllll music baby. I gotta feel you through my THC high. That lady saved me so many times through songs. That’s how I desire to heal people and it’s hard 2do that whispering."

Does new r&b lack soul and feeling?