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K Michelle Got Her FAKE HIPS REMOVED In Surgery . . . Look At Her Shape NOW!!


R&B singer K Michelle underwent a series of surgeries - to have her butt enhancements removed. But it wasn't just her BUTT that had to be fixed - it was her hips too. Now after 6 surgeries, K Michells' body looks great.

MTO News obtained a new image showing just how much her body has changed. And it's not just her butt. K Michelle had fat transfer procedures to increase the size of her HIPS also. So she needed those procedures reversed also.

The after pics are stunning. K Michelle actually has a "normal" shape now.


As you know, it's been quite a journey with surgery this year with K Michelle. . . By June of this year she had already had four surgeries to remove toxic materials from her body enhancements. 

Kimberly whose rose to fame after appearing on the reality "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" in 2012, told People that she once believed altering her figure would boost her career. She'd heard about a man in Atlanta, who offered to inject her butt and hips with silicone.

"He wasn't a doctor — it was black market, it was these 'hydrogel' injections — that's what they were being called," she told People. "When I found out my favorite rapper did it, that's when I decided, 'I'm getting it done.'"

For five years the injections posed no problems. But in 2017 Pate began to experience fatigue, migraines, and back and leg pain. Later, doctors found that the silicone had spread down her legs, "damaging her tissue and threatening her overall health," People reported.

In January of 2018, a doctor recommended that she try liposuction to remove the silicone, People reported. But Pate said the procedure only further spread the silicone in her body, and a few weeks later, she was rushed to the emergency room, where she had to get two blood transfusions.

Then, in April, she had three more surgeries to remove dead tissue.

"It's the scariest thing in life, and I'm a tough girl," she says."I had these lumps and I was very disfigured."