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K Michelle Got 'BEAT UP' . . . While Filming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood!! (Got '2 Pieced')


R&B singer K Michelle was assaulted during the filming of love & Hip Hop Hollywood by fellow cast member Paris Phillips. MTO News learned that the two got into an argument, and Paris threw a drink in her face - then TWO PIECED HER.

The drama all started when the cameras were filming - and the two ladies argued over the cost of an Uber ride. The two ladies were good friends for many years , but they fell out while filming K Michelle's other reality show My Life.

Well last weekend, the two were filming a scene for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, and it got violent. K Michelle accused Paris of allegedly using her Uber account - and charging a $50 Uber ride without K Michelle's permission.

Paris denied scamming an Uber ride, and the two ladies started arguing. Then out of nowhere, Paris allegedly THREW a drink in K Michelle's face . . . and followed the drink with a TWO PIECE combo.

Security pulled Paris off of K Michelle, they had to halt production over the situation while Kimberly was given medical attention.

Now K Michelle is threatening to go to the police, and file a lawsuit against VH1 for having an unsafe workplace.

Reports are saying that, although K. Michelle doesn’t have any allies this season and no one wants to film with her, she’s trying really hard to get Paris kicked off the show.

According to The Jasmin Brand people are saying, "It’s surprising that she wants to get the law involved when for seasons she’s tried to attack people on the show. She’s already attempted to fight another cast mate on camera this season. But now she wants to take legal action?"